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Roller Garage Doors Romford Roller Garage Doors Romford are a great choice for residential and commercial properties because they are highly secure, provide ultimate privacy and act as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves. They are also highly customisable with a vast range of control options and safety devices available. Our expert team can advise you on the best option for your needs based on how you’ll be using your timber building, what you will be storing in it and its location. One of the main reasons why people choose a roller shutter is that it is easy to operate and has a simple design, which gives them a sleek and sophisticated appearance. They retract vertically into a compact box above the garage door opening, which helps to maximise space. This is especially beneficial for people who use their garage for storage as a standard up and over or sectional door would block the area. Another benefit of a roller shutter is that it can be fitted with an electronic locking system, which ensures that only the person who has the remote control will be able to open the door. This will provide peace of mind if you have expensive items stored in your garage and will deter any potential burglars from trying to break in. Residential roller doors are very durable and can be made in a variety of colours and finishes, which makes them a great option for any home. They can even be made to match timber features if required, which means that they can complement a property seamlessly. They are also easy to maintain and can last a long time, which is a major plus point if you’re looking for something that will improve the value of your home.